Who We Are

We would like to present you our brand PELLETISSIMO. The idea behind the promotion of this brand is to establish it as a recognised name on the Bulgarian, Greek, Italian and German markets.  We are also able to work under your label.

Pellets Energy LTD has been created for the purpose of delivering great quality wood pellets on both the domestic and foreign markets. The company became operational and started production in October, 2012.  The production facilities are located in the Town of Breznik, 45km away from Sofia, 5okm away from Customs point Kalotina and 185km away from Customs point Kulata.  We have integrated the latest technologies in the production of wood pellets , which gives us the opportunity to satisfy even the most rigorous clients.

Our slogan is: “Never make a compromise with quality.”

The company aims to take place primarly into the B2B market and is looking for partners in all the abovementioned regions.

Our team consists of young and motivated people who are prepared to deliver great quality service to our existent and potential clients.